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Lauri Harris

Lauri Harris is a Certified Personal Trainer and Nutritionist, member of the Weston
A. Price Foundation, Pursue class instructor, and a former sponsored ultra
marathon athlete. She teaches gym class modalities including Cycling, Barre, Yoga,
Condition, Strength, and Megaformer. Moving the body in or out of the gym is
exciting and she shares this passion with clients, opening new doors and
opportunities for everyone. Her nutrition lifestyle perspective is dedicated to
providing clients with tools, recipes, and programs that make it easier to feed
themselves and their family. Intuitive eating awareness is her main focus as a long
term goal with a mission to re-shape the nutritional habits and behaviors to
optimize their long-term health and energy. With this practice and focus on whole
foods we can reduce the likelihood of obesity, brain fog, energy slumps, and
chronic inflammation, to name a few. In her free time, Lauri is in her kitchen
preparing fermented foods, gardening, skiing, hiking, running, and spending time with
her family.