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Functional fitness, boxing, sport specific–weight training

Athletic training and competition have always been a part of Ryan’s life. As a young man, Ryan played collegiate baseball and snow boarded competitively, participating in both slope-style and halfpipe events. For the last 15 years, Ryan has been involved in Boxing and Mixed Martial Arts. Most recently he was certified in “MovNat,” a movement discipline based on natural movements that can be performed by anyone; no matter their age, fitness level, or physical limitations. His background in athletics at the competitive level, paired with his training, and own injury rehabilitation, have helped Ryan develop workout regimens for all fitness levels and abilities. Ryan’s goal is to train his clients how to move effectively to achieve optimal balance in the body and promote longevity.

To schedule a session with Ryan, contact pursue ([email protected] or 307-699-9629 text or call) or him directly 307-699-9535.


Helping athletes find their way back from injury to sport

Caitlin grew up in the mountains of Montana and met her husband (a Jackson native) while they were both working in sports production in Salt Lake City.  While living in Utah, Caitlin tore her ACL skiing and then 9 months later tore it again playing football. For two years, Caitlin rehabbed on a stationary bike, mostly in group classes where she dreamt of one day transitioning from student to instructor.

She went on to become a certified cycling instructor and her love for group fitness snowballed from there; eventually earning certifications in TRX, FitTour, Beachbody and personal training.  On top of her two ACL surgeries, Caitlin has had numerous surgeries on her feet and knows the benefits of physical therapy and is no stranger to overcoming sports related injuries.  One of her greatest joys is passing on what she’s learned through her own journey to others.  Caitlin is also passionate about competing in marathons, half-marathons, and triathlons. She is known for her mindful exercise sequencing, challenging workouts, and great mood-enhancing music!

To schedule a session with Caitlin, contact Pursue ([email protected]  or 307-699-9629 text or call) or contact her directly: 307-699-9969.


Tim Gibbons is a native Wyoming-ite, born and raised in Jackson Hole. He graduated from the University of Oregon in 2003 with a BS in Exercise Movement Science. Tim has been a personal trainer for 20 years and has been coaching group classes for 10 years. His areas of expertise are strength and conditioning. When he’s not teaching and training clients how to build stronger, more durable bodies, you can find him adventuring in the mountains and enjoying all that Jackson Hole has to offer!

To schedule a session with Tim, contact Pursue ([email protected])

Abby Waterhouse

Lagree Fitness – Privates and small group training on the Megaformer

Abby grew up in Maine and developed a love of figure skating at the early age of 3. Her competitive skating career led her to skating clubs outside Boston, where she trained with several Olympic coaches. She competed at the Senior Gold level across the east coast until the age of 18. Abby then pursued a Bachelor of Science in Nutrition, with a Sports Concentration, at the University of Vermont. Following her undergraduate work, she remained at UVM to undertake a graduate teaching fellowship and started work on a Master of Education in Exercise Science. Upon completing her Masters, she moved to Dallas for an internship at the Cooper Institute, Human Performance Lab. Having the desire to explore the west and return to her love of nature, she drove to Jackson and fell in love with its western charm and active lifestyle. Since moving to Jackson in 2006, she’s built a life and a family here and has returned to her skating roots, coaching figure skaters of all ages at the JH skating club. She enjoys applying her passion for health and wellbeing to all aspects of her life and her work.
To schedule a session with Abby, contact Pursue ([email protected])