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Lagree Fitness on the Megaformer in Jackson, WY

Lagree Fitness on the Megaformer in Jackson, WY Lagree Fitness is a total body workout that utilizes a state-of-the-art, comprehensive, fitness conditioning system, called the Megaformer. Our Megaformer classes follow the Lagree Fitness Method, which applies the concepts of variable resistance and dynamic tension to strengthen, lengthen, and tone the entire body. Our elite team of instructors lead each class through mindful, slow and controlled, low-impact, muscle-quivering, yet high intensity movements; the workout is intense on the muscles, but safe on the spine, joints, and connective tissues. Student’s muscle stamina will be challenged through quick transitions between exercises – to keep an elevated heart rate and maintain continuous tension in the body. Instructor-led directions, cues, and modifications are straightforward and timely, ensuring that all muscles are effectively firing, while encouraging training to a threshold that will stimulate change; we believe staying out of your comfort zone is the only real path to progress! Expect to work hard, shake, sweat, and struggle, but do it all to an inspiring playlist and motivational coaching designed to push you to your edge! THE METHOD The Lagree Fitness Method is based upon 8 basic training principles:
  1. Effective Position: Form (position is your priority, movement is secondary)
  2. Effective Range of Motion (we live in the “work” zone – never fully out of or sitting into a position)
  3. Effective Tempo (how slow can you go: 8 counts in one direction is minimum, 10-12 counts in one direction is intermediate), 13-16 counts is advanced and the most challenging)
  4. Effective Duration (we don’t count reps, each exercise is taught with a minimum amount of time under tension: 1 minute minimum for arm, core, and oblique exercise and 2 minutes minimum for leg exercises)
  5. Effective Tension (we want to use enough tension -provided by the springs – to trigger a reaction: a positive adaptive response).
  6. Effective Transition (transition from one exercise to the next in under 5 seconds to keep heart rate elevated – fast transition time is what truly sets us apart from Pilates)
  7. Effective Planes of Motion (relates directly to real life, functional movement – our bodies need the ability to move in all three dimensions: front to back, top to bottom, left to right)
  8. Effective Sequencing (as little transition time as possible between each exercise and sequence flows easily from one exercise to the next using a balance of pushing against the tension, pulling against the tension, and stabilizing exercises)
When combined together on one machine, with a moving carriage, stationary platforms, handles, and variable spring loads, these 8 principles make way for infinite possibilities. THE EXPERIENCE
  • Legs, Core, Upper Body: We focus on core stabilizing exercises and maintaining good form. Various types of lunges, planks, and pushing and pulling moves are incorporated in every class. All exercises are designed to work multiple muscles simultaneously.
  • Long Sets, Quick Transitions: Each exercise is performed from 1-4 minutes at full intensity with no breaks built into the sequence. Transitions are kept to a minimum to keep muscles working and the heart rate elevated.
  • Science Based Training: Exercises are performed until muscles are fully fatigued but we never compromise quantity over quality of movement. Calling upon multiple muscle groups simultaneously increases workout efficiency, boosts heart rate, and stimulates balance and coordination. Each exercise always has a primary target muscle or muscles, and a secondary stabilizing muscle or group of muscles.
  • Slow & Controlled: The goal is to train the body to recruit muscles through opposing contraction and elongation to move the body, not using momentum to move the carriage; less movement, in a shorter range of motion, is more effective on the Megaformer. In addition, the potential for injury is minimized while slow-twitch, fat-burning muscle fibers are maximally recruited.
  • Constant Tension: This wakes up muscles that have become accustomed to traditional methods. Maintaining tension throughout the entire range of motion also makes it so the joints never bear a full load. When a muscle is resting, the joints are most prone to injury.
  • Progressive Overloading: No matter how advanced you become in your Megaformer practice, things never get easy, in fact, the more tuned in you are to your body and the more you apply our instructor cueing and coaching, the harder it gets. Variable spring resistance and a repertoire of increasingly challenging variations ensure you never plateau. The advanced Megaformer practitioner, as well as the first time student, will leave class with a balanced sense of both accomplishment and having been challenged.
  • Individual Attention: Groups of up to 8 clients are led through a sequence of “blocks”. Using hands on and verbal cues, the instructor helps everyone perform exercises with correct form and provides “success options” and progressions to appeal to various performance levels.
THE RESULTS You will burn fat, build endurance, and tone and lengthen your muscles. In addition, through intelligent sequencing, each workout is designed to maximize EPOC (excess post-exercise oxygen consumption), which helps you burn fat for several hours after class is over. INJURY PREVENTION The Lagree Fitness Method engages stabilizing muscles as well as muscles that are hard to target with standard exercise routines. Balanced strength in opposing muscle groups helps reduce back pain, joint pain, and can eliminate nagging overuse injuries and injuries resulting from compensations in the body. ATHLETIC PERFORMANCE Our clients range from cross-training elite and professional athletes to weekend warriors. Cyclists, runners, climbers, hikers, skiers, and dancers all attend our classes to improve their athleticism both in and outside the studio. MENTAL FOCUS Each move requires laser focus concentration, so your mind has no time to wander. This produces a meditative experience that leaves you refreshed and rejuvenated when you walk out the door.